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After the selection of the participating students, the project will start with a first PLANET EARTH DAY in each participating school. This PLANET EARTH DAY gives workshops on reducing (plastic) waste, reuse of waste and recycling. The participants from each school collect the useful tips. All tips are collected through a virtual activity and the Croatian partner will complete the informative pamphlets on "SORT IT OUT" and QR code them so that they can be distributed with minimal use of paper. The QR code contains a link to the project website with useful information. During the first PLANET EARTH DAY, plastic waste will be measured for the first time.

Every exchange with students contains the same pattern and common thread:

- student presentations with best practice environmental efforts in their school;
- visits and workshops of environmental organizations, recycling companies, etc;
- through instructions and workshops from the comic book specialists, the comic book will be designed by students;
- a clean up day will be organized in the local environment of the school, while the pamphlets are also distributed. During the clean-up day, local politicians are invited to participate. Press will be invited in function of dessimination of the project.

The last exchange will only be different because of the comic book. The comic book will now be finished and presented to the general public through a dessimination event with press, sympathizers, parents, management, etc. After the last exchange, the Portuguese school has the important task of producing the E-book with tips and tricks on how to reduce waste.They will use all the useful material from student presentations, workshops from environmental organizations and recycling companies and bring them together in an E-book with ticks and trips, applicable for schools. By the end of the project, they will fully layout the E-book and take initiatives to disseminate it. As well as helping other partners to distribute it.
Explain how this activity is going to help reach the WP objectives.

All the planned activities aim to raise awareness about environmental pollution (particularly single-use plastic pollution) among students, teachers, management, politicians and local citizens. In addition, the training (workshops) of specialists from environmental organisations and visits to companies will provide solutions for tackling these environmental problems at the level of the 3 Rs. In this way, the project objectives will be realised. We choose to repeat a series of activities in each participating school and during each exchange (mobility) in order to complement and refine the E-book with exclusive series of environmental solutions that may not be covered in other schools.

The comic book is the showpiece of the whole project. That is why a professional team of illustrators was asked to support the development of the comic book. The distribution of the comic book is a very   important part at the end of the project. Getting stakeholders and sponsors to finance the comic book is important in order to reach a large target group. With sufficient funding, the comic book can be   distributed to schools all over the country and we can activate children, large and small, in an accessible way about environmental issues and the corresponding awareness. After all, we want to make European citizens aware of the consequences of pollution in a comical and accessible way.


Expected results:


- e-book for schools with tips and tricks on solving environmental pollution (specifically reducing single-use plastic);
- presentations from all 6 participating schools about tackling environmental issues at school and reducing single-use plastics;
- project website and social media channels.
- pamphlet SORT IT OUT with tips for reducing (plastic) waste and raising awareness of environmental issues;
- comic book about environmental problems/pollution.
- news reports in local media about the project and the results.
- aftermovie of every mobility (exchange).


- increased awareness of environmental issues among students, teachers, management, parents, local citizens and politicians
- new colleagues from our own schools are involved in new projects or are asked to demonstrate training techniques.
- enable teachers to pass on innovations in environmental education;
- receive the ECO school label;
- "word of mouth" about our "Green (ECO) School" will attract new enrollments from environmentally conscious students;
- creating a stronger international eco-conscious mindset among students/teachers and management
- better IT skills
- better language skills

- aware of the ecological footprint of long-haul flights and take the initiative to refinance this ecological footprint through green projects such as planting trees (project entrepreneurs without borders)
- increased awareness of European citizenship through residence in host families

Expected number and proficles of participants:
Each participating school will send out a minimum of 25 students and 10 teachers.These participants will fully carry the project from start to finish with full commitment. In addition, although to a lesser extent, parents, teachers and management from each school will also participate in the project. Here we count on 8000 participants from all 6 schools together.
In addition, we count on external stakeholders such as politicians, corporations, comic book cartoonists and environmentalists to support the project. Here we count at least 90 participants.
Please keep in mind that the Erasmus+ Programme is offering co-financing for your project. This means that the EU grant can only cover a part of the project costs, while the rest must be covered by the participating organisations either in form of additional funding, or in form of invested goods, services and work.

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